Soul Makeover


Soul Makeover

A beautiful soul has not other merit than its own existence

What all is included ?

Retreat Highlights

  • Change In Attitude
  • Life Full Of Excitement
  • Trauma Healing
  • Therapies To Change Energies
  • New Life Beginning

Program Info

  • Lighting of Spiritual Lamps
  • Prayers and Mantras to connect with DIVINE
  • Confidential Prayers
  • Sattvik Bhojan with Healing Sounds

Retreat Benefits

  • Better Health
  • Make Better Decisions with More Clarity 

Sattvic Diet

Every one of us is different and so should our diet be! Whether you are looking to lose weight, detoxify your body, or just looking for a rejuvenating vacation; “We have got a tailored diet plan for you”.

We use the best seasonal ingredients we grow or source locally and make everything with love! We hope you feel the love whether you eat Sattvic or Vegetarian food. You can also learn healthy recipes and tips in interactive workshops with our wellness chefs.

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