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Kids Healing

Types Of Healing Therapy

Here are some common types of healing therapy, that our trainers have marked for children:

If your child seems lost and sluggish and shows no interest in food or work. it’s not just a sign of physical illness. Mental and emotional illness may be the real reason. You may book one-to-one sessions to acknowledge the cause of such disruption.

Play Therapy

Art Therapy

Music Therapy

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Family Therapy


Psychodynamic Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Occupational Therapy

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Kids Healing Service

Why is Kids’ Healing Needed?-  Happy  Child becomes a happy grown individual- which gives birth to a happy society. As you all know, Kids’ mind is like morning flower, fresh, blossoming with innocence and spreading their gentle vibes. The reason behind this innocence is their fresh subconscious mind.

They are unaware of the baggage of emotions and traumatic experiences. Childhood experiences have the greatest and lasting effect on their vibration and behavior. What a child experiences in childhood creates his or her perception accordingly.

Our experts have denoted certain Signs that your child needs kids’ healing therapy-

  1. Does he get angry frequently?
  2. He complains about not getting attention.
  3. He stays isolated?
  4. He seems scared and insecure.
  5. He remains sad and silent.
  6. He often starts crying because of family conflict.

A child’s mind is a blank canvas – paint it with creativity and imagination.

Every child deserves a happy childhood devoid of traumas but full of curiosity.

Global Soul Healing has taken the responsibility of taking care of their innocence and freshness, our team is enriched with experts who understand child psychology.

Here Are some Common Myths And Facts

Myth : Kids will "bounce back" naturally from difficult experiences

Fact: Children requires support & guidance to navigate difficult experiences. Without the support, trauma can lead to ongoing emotional and behavioural challenges that can impact a child's effort & ability to thrive in school, relationships, and other areas of life.

Myth : Kids are too young to experience trauma

Fact: Kids from all ages can experience the trauma. No matter what their age is. Trauma can have extreme lasting impacts on a child's mental, emotional, psychological, and physical well-being. Hence it is important for parents to recognize the signs of trauma. You may reach us at given helpline Number .

Myth : Discussing difficult experiences will make things more worse.

Fact: An open communication on child’s difficulty, can be a powerful tool for healing and recovery. While it's important to be mindful of a child's age and developmental level, having age-appropriate conversations about difficult experiences can help children process their emotions and develop coping skills.

Myth : Trauma can have lasting emotional impacts on children.

Fact: Children can heal and recover from trauma with the right support and interventions, and evidence-based treatments like trauma-focused therapy can assist them in processing their emotions and cultivating healthy coping mechanisms despite the long-term effects that trauma can have

Myth : Kids who experience trauma are "broken" or "damaged.

Fact: Children who undergo traumatic experiences should not be regarded as broken or damaged. With the help of appropriate support and interventions, they can learn to overcome hardships, acquire resilience, and develop effective coping mechanisms that will be valuable to them in the future. It's crucial for parents and caregivers to offer a secure and supportive space for children to recover and thrive.

In conclusion, tarot reading is a valuable tool for gaining insight and guidance, but it is important to separate fact from fiction and approach the practice with an open mind and a willingness to learn. By dispelling these common myths, individuals can approach tarot reading with a clearer understanding of its purpose and potential benefits.

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