Our Mission and Vission

Our Mission

Our world is growing at a very fast pace but in this race of life , somewhere or somehow we are forgetting the art of stillness. People spend their energy day and night earning enough resources so that they can buy happiness. They are unaware of how carelessly they are behaving with their mental and emotional health. This is where we realised the existence of a helping hand like Global Soul Healing. We laid the foundation of this organisation with the aim of providing emotional and mental healing with the ancient art of Yoga and meditation. In this initiative we utilise various types of healing techniques, meditation, yoga, reading, etc to lead you towards the betterment in life. 

– “Global Soul Healing ‘s ultimate goal is to reach 100 countries within the target of 5 years” Humanity around the world is suffering from one similar problem. This problem is universally present. And that’s lack of connection to your being.

We humans roam around the world with an intention to be healed by some external source but humans have their own healing power. They just need right knowledge of finding their potential. This potential comes with the help of various yoga and meditation techniques along with healing exercises. As we are specialised in giving therapies and training related to yoga and meditation we want this to spread to around 100 countries.

We are working with our best efforts to join hands with more and more people. Our main aim is to :-

  1. To introduce ancient healing and awareness techniques to people
  2. Help them understand yoga and meditation practices in right manner.
  3. Bring a transformation in people within 5 years.
  4. An initiative towards building an emotionally and mentally fit world.
  5. To take our step towards giving our contribution for Global Peace

Our Vision

” Global Soul Healing is spreading its branches of natural and ancient healing with Vision to cure every ailment without the aid of medications”.

We are expanding our skills with team to achieve these visionary goals :-

  1. To Provide Therapy Without Medications:- Basically we encourage people and try to convince them too for trying yoga and meditation to heal psychological, mental and emotional problems without taking medicines.
  2. To Learn The Right Way To Practice :- Though masses practice yoga and meditation but most of them don’t know the right way to practice that’s why they don’t get right result.
    We have taken responsibility to train them so that they can understand the correct way to practise and get the right result.
  3. Train You For Self Healing:- When you learn these healing techniques which comes from our ancient culture you never depend on those medicines which make you sluggish. Global Soul Healing endeavours for best training to help you connect with your ancient practice of self healing through meditation and yoga.
  4. To Make A Stress-Free World:- Anxiety and Depression is contributing a lot towards disturbing the balance of inner peace. When such healing techniques become part of their lives they start understanding the value of peace

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